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Sleep & Health Applied Research Program

The Sleep & Health Applied Research Program is a community of researchers and clinicians based in Portland, Oregon with a mission to research how sleep affects the brain across the lifespan in health and disease, and to identify and test new therapies.


Since 2016, SHARP has grown rapidly and made a number of foundational discoveries in the form of impactful abstracts, manuscripts, presentations, and additional grant funding and supported career growth for its lab members.

Our translational approach from rodents to humans investigates the neurobiology of sleep in cognition, social development, and mental and general health outcomes in a variety of brain disorders, such as TBI, PTSD, neurodevelopmental disorders and neurodegenerative disease. Our methods include basic science in preclinical models, large-scale observational studies and big data analysis, and randomized clinical intervention trials.

We strive to foster a dynamic and engaging scientific environment that respects diverse strengths and backgrounds and welcomes a culture of lifelong learning and feedback through active mentorship at all levels.

SHARP Directors

Headshot of Dr. Miranda Lim
Dr. Miranda M. Lim, MD, PhD
Headshot of Dr. Jonathan Elliot
Dr. Jonathan Elliott, PhD